Making Big Money with eBay Partner Network

August 31, 2013

eBay Partner Network brand offers a safe and effective way of making money online. In order to make money using this brand, you first have to sign up to be a partner or an affiliate. After signing up, eBay pays you every time you sent a referral through your like to the eBay website to buy a product, bid or even register. To make money with eBay Partner Networks, you should have a website which you can use to promote eBay. The contents of your functional website should be consistent with what eBay does. You should also have a phone number, a PayPal account or a bank account. There is a code of conduct which must be followed by eBay Partner Networks and which you should also conform to.

After completing the registration, you may start advertising. You are also given tracking options and tools which help you know how effective your campaigns are. As an affiliate, you four options for creating promotion and referral links. These are:

  • · Natural website referrals
  • · Paid search
  • · Paid placement
  • · Ad Network/Sub-Affiliate

With eBay Partner networks, there are a variety of ways to get paid. The most effective way to get paid is by sending visitors to eBay websites. You are however paid in terms of the standard of traffic you generate but necessarily the quantity. The more traffic you generate that can purchase large amounts of products, the more you are paid. The advantage of this method of payment is that the commission structure is well defined, publisher can be paid for various sources of value and you don’t have to be a big player to make good money. 

As you try to generate quality traffic, you should explore various options to see what works. For instance, you can use mobile phones to drive your campaign. After starting and running a campaign, you also have to find ways of optimizing your campaign.